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Beading Basics - Beginner Level course:

Beading Basics - Beginner Level course:

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 Welcome to our Beading Basics: 

Taster Session:

This introductory session is designed to give you a glimpse into the exciting world of jewellery making. If you are a complete beginner this taster session will provide you with an overview of the techniques and projects you'll explore when you join our full course.

What to Expect:

**1. Introduction to Beading:**
- Brief overview of the different types of beads and materials used in jewelry making.
- Explanation of basic tools and supplies required for beading.

**2. Demonstration:**
- Live demonstration of fundamental beading techniques, such as stringing, knotting, and wirework.
- Tips on selecting the right materials and tools for your projects.

**3. Hands-On Experience:**
- Opportunity to try basic beading techniques under the guidance of our experienced instructor.
- Create a simple piece of jewelry, such as a bracelet or earrings, to take home.

**4. Showcase of Course Projects:**
- Display of various jewelry pieces that you will learn to make during the full course, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more.
- Explanation of the skills and techniques that will be covered in each project.

**5. Q&A Session:**
- Open forum to ask any questions about the course, materials, and techniques.
- Personalized advice from the instructor on how to get started with your beading journey.

Join us for this fun and informative session, and discover the joy of creating beautiful, handmade jewelry. We look forward to seeing you and helping you start your beading adventure!

Duration: 30 mins 


Beading Lesson for Beginners 

This course is designed to learn Beading Techniques and Designing Jewellery from Scratch: 


Learn to make

1. Cute little earrings.

2. Strung Necklaces, Knotted necklaces.

3. Chain of beads, Stretch bracelets.


Lesson 1: Learning about Tools and Materials, different beads, stringing techniques and learn how to make stretch bracelet. 

Lesson 2 : Stringing, Knotting and Securing. Learning all about different kinds of threads and learn to make strung necklace, how to knot beads, make a knotted necklace/ bracelet. 

Lesson 3: Basic loops making, learning about wires and pins, basic technique to loop the pin to make daily wear / fancy earrings. 

Each lesson duration is 1 hour this full course is 3 hours. 

 Happy Beading! 

**Materials Provided:** Basic beading kit for the hands-on activity will be provided. 

Embark on a creative journey and see the stunning pieces you can make. 



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