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12 days of Christmas earrings

12 days of Christmas earrings

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Christmas Earring: 
Christmas Earrings | Christmas themed earrings made of cute dangles made of alloy ranging from 1-3 cm long. They are all coated with bright enamel in the colours of Christmas. There are rhinestone added to these charms to add to its sheen. This can be a good costume earring for the days of Christmas celebrations. No plastic. It’s made of metal. Duracoated alloy metal with a post earring. Handmade UK, Handmade earrings UK, Beaded earrings UK.

Materials Used: Christmas themed charms of various sizes and designs. Crystal rhinestone embellished gold plated ear stud. 

Occasion: Christmas.

Location: Handmade in the workshop of creativefusionsfashion, United Kingdom. 

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