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Hand braided leather bracelet for men.

Hand braided leather bracelet for men.

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Hand braided leather bracelet for men

This layered hand braided leather bracelet is a specialty design for men. This leather bracelet is handwoven which has a evident centrepiece made of stainless / brass/ black metal according to the design you choose. It’s available in different colours( brown, black and blue). 21cm length. Three different centrepieces (leaf, anchor and geometric bars). The closure is a magnetic sliding buckle which is made of stainless steel. It’s a PU leather (well suited for vegans) 

Materials Used: Stainless Steel Magnetic Sliding Buckle, Hand braided and handwoven PU Leather with a majestic centrepiece. 

Location: made in China , distributed from the workshop of creativefusionsfashion, United Kingdom. 

Occasion: Everyday, work, Business etc.,

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