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Simple pearl drop

Simple pearl drop

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Simple Pearl Drop Earring

Simple pearl drop earrings are a classic choice that exudes timeless beauty. It adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

It typically features a single pearl suspended from a delicate chain. It creates a subtle and refined look. 

The focal point of this earring is the pearl, which is a round glass pearl with a smooth and lustrous finish. Pearls come in various colors, including cream, green, brown, blue, lilac and gold allowing you to choose the shade that complements your style and skin tone.

The pearl is attached to a cobra chain using a small metal clamp providing a secure connection while allowing it to sway gently with your movements. 

It’s a handmade jewellery, made in UK. Buy now while stocks last. 


Length: drop length: 2.8 cm

              Full earring length: 4.0 cm

Materials Used: 

  • Glass pearl 12 mm
  • Cobra chain : 0.6 mm - Rhodium plated brass alloy 
  • Fish ear hook: 925 Sterling Silver. 
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