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Sparkly Butterfly charm earring

Sparkly Butterfly charm earring

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Sparkly Butterfly charm earring: 

This vintage style Butterfly charm earring 
feature a classic and elegant design reminiscent of bygone eras. 

The charm is crafted to resemble a butterfly, with intricate details. The sparkly glitter effect add a touch of glamour and create a dazzling effect when they catch the light.

To ensure a comfortable and secure fit, butterfly charm earring comes with a lever back ear hook which is 925 Sterling silver plated. Lever back ear hooks feature a hinged clasp that opens and closes, providing a reliable closure for the earrings. This design helps prevent accidental loss and allows for easy wear and removal.

Sparkly Butterfly charm earring

Overall, Sparkly butterfly charm earrings are a dazzling accessory that combines elegance with a touch of whimsy, adds as a playful and elegant accent to your style.


size:   Dangle is 13 cm                                                      
 length is 1 inch         
Materials: ( silver plated )copper, zinc alloy 

lever-back earring hook: 925 sterling silver plated  

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