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Stepping stone crystal bracelet

Stepping stone crystal bracelet

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Stepping Stone Crystal Bracelet 
This Stepping Stone Crystal Bracelet is made of oval crystals lined up using a 7 strand beading wire. It’s one of part of our spring collections. Available in three colours( Red, Green and blue) . The crystals used are AAA class in quality brilliantly faceted. The closure is a push clasp with a flower design on top. 

       A push clasp is a two-part clasp where the ends simply push together, engaging a spring mechanism that holds the clasp closed until you press the lever.

Materials Used: A flower design silver plated copper push clasp , AAA grade faceted fancy oval Chinese crystals, miyuki seed beads, 7 strand strong braided beading wire.

Location: Handmade in the workshop of creativefusionsfashion, United Kingdom. 

Occasion: Everyday, Work, Business, Party, evening/night out, etc.,

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